Gas A.G.I.'s

1 -  Abrasive blast cleaning and application of a PA10 epoxy coating system with additional MCL coating to a Gas Metering AGI near Coventry.

2 -  Removal of accoustic lagging, abrasive clast cleaning and application of a PA10 epoxy coating system with additional MCL Coating, installation of sand traps and new acoustic lagging to a Gas Distribution AGI in East London.

LNG Terminal

We have undertaken numerous painting projects at LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) terminals including those at the Avonmouth, Partington, Isle of Grain and Milford Haven sites.

Pictured is a project we undertook at Dynevor Arms LNG which involved the complete removal of the existing tank linings by crawler robot blast cleaning and UHP water-jetting followed by application of a protective coating system with a polysiloxane topcoat.  Access was via MEWPS and a bespoke cradle system.

Central London Gas-Pits

Works to a series of Gas Pits located under the highway in Central London, involving abrasive blast cleaning and hand mechanical preparation and application of a PA10 epoxy pain system together with MCL coatings.  The project involved confined space working with the attendant controls as well as provision of traffic management.

Telecommunication & Broadcast Masts & Towers

A Selection of various structures from the thousands we have undertaken as part of several long-standing and on-going framework agreements we have. Structures we have undertaken have previously varied in height from less than 5 metres to over 300 metres high.  Previous UK site locations have included the Channel Island, the Isles of Scilly, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Mann, the Outer Hebrides and the Shetland Islands. Works will typically consist of HP water-jetting and hand-mechanical preparation followed by a choice of protective coasting systems.  We have installed our bespoke paint containment netting  system to assist with executing the works on more sensitive sites.  We also offer a service of associated minor repairs.

Gas Pipe-Crossings

As part of an ongoing framework agreement, we have undertaken numerous Gas Pipe-Crossings across the Southern, East Anglian and Midlands regions. Works involved abrasive blast cleaning and application of a PA10 Epoxy paint system together with MCL coatings or cold applied laminate tape. To facilitate the works, we obtain all the appropriate easements and permits and secure all required canal and road closures. We provided the scaffold access and shrink wrapped containment and (where required) traffic managements. We also supplied and installed new anti-vandal guards.

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