City Gate House

Abrasive blast cleaning and application of an intumescent FP Coasting System to columns over seven floors of a significant building refurbishment.

AELTC Wimbledon No.1 Court

Application of a protective coating system including a decorative metallic finish to new balustrades and brise-soleils on Wimbledon’s No.1 court

Gas A.G.I.'s

1 -  Abrasive blast cleaning and application of a PA10 epoxy coating system with additional MCL coating to a Gas Metering AGI near Coventry.

2 -  Removal of accoustic lagging, abrasive clast cleaning and application of a PA10 epoxy coating system with additional MCL Coating, installation of sand traps and new acoustic lagging to a Gas Distribution AGI in East London.

Shell Building

Application of a protective coasting system indulging decorative metallic finish toa new brise sole on a major South Bank building.

London Fire Station

Bristle Blast removal of existing coatings and application of an intumescent FP paint system to new steelwork inside an operational London Fire Station.

Westminster Station

Abrasive blast clean and apply an anti-graffiti sealer coat to the concrete surfaces on the Jubilee Line Extension at Westminster LUL Station.

Latimer Road Station

Hand mechanically remove existing lead-based coatings from bridge lattice steelwork and apply a NR M24 paint system.  Prepare and redecorate Latimer Road LUL Station with a LUL approved decorative system.

Southampton Central Bridge

Abrasive blast cleaning to existing lead-based coatings and application of NR M21 & M34 paint systems to a large road over rail bridge in Southampton including provision of all required extraction, recovery, decontamination and monitoring equipment.

Q.E.II bridge (M25 Dartford Crossing)

Not only did we undertake the original site painting works when the bridge was originally constructed (one of the company’s largest projects) but we were also invited back to site over 20 years later to conduct the first major coating maintenance cycle.  The latter project involved the design and installation of a bespoke cradle system to enable access to the high level pylons.

London Eye

In 2003 we secured the prestigious contract to paint the entire British Airways London Eye structure including the wheelrim, hub and spindle, the A-frame legs, boarding platforms and tidal riverside prows, piling, pontoons and dolphins.  The coating system included use of a then new polysiloxane topcoat.  Access methods included a combination of MEWP (including importing a 90m truck mounted vehicle from Europe) rope access and use of a jackleg barge with access and rescue craft.  We have subsequently returned to site several times to undertake further projects including the rebranding of the wheelrim motor housings

LNG Terminal

We have undertaken numerous painting projects at LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) terminals including those at the Avonmouth, Partington, Isle of Grain and Milford Haven sites.

Pictured is a project we undertook at Dynevor Arms LNG which involved the complete removal of the existing tank linings by crawler robot blast cleaning and UHP water-jetting followed by application of a protective coating system with a polysiloxane topcoat.  Access was via MEWPS and a bespoke cradle system.

Barbican Centre Conservatory

Hand mechanical preparation and recoating of the Barbicvan Centre Conservatory steelwork.  Works were undertaken using access netting.  The conservatory remained open to the public throughout our works.

Jodrell Bank & Cambridge Radio Telescopes

High-pressure water jetting and hand mechanical preparation with application of a protective coating system using a combination of rope, MEWP and scaffold access.

Rye Marker Beacon

This structure could only be accessed during low tides and involved rope-access working - 2019

Telecommunication & Broadcast Masts & Towers

A Selection of various structures from the thousands we have undertaken as part of several long-standing and on-going framework agreements we have. Structures we have undertaken have previously varied in height from less than 5 metres to over 300 metres high.  Previous UK site locations have included the Channel Island, the Isles of Scilly, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Mann, the Outer Hebrides and the Shetland Islands. Works will typically consist of HP water-jetting and hand-mechanical preparation followed by a choice of protective coasting systems.  We have installed our bespoke paint containment netting  system to assist with executing the works on more sensitive sites.  We also offer a service of associated minor repairs.

Kingston Rail Bridge

Abrasive blast cleaning and application of a NR M21 paint system to a five span bridge crossing the Thames in a highly residential area.  Track side surfaces received a modified M34 system during blockades. The existing coatings contained lead up to 15% by volume in some areas and we provided the appropriate extraction, recovery, decontamination and monitoring equipment to undertake the works.

Highway Agency Bridge Paint Trials

Undertaking paint trails on highway structures in the Midlands to determine future paint specification selection on forthcoming major projects.

Tottenham Court Station

Hand mechanically remove existing lead based coatings and prepare stairwell ring-shafts deep within Tottenham Court LUL Station, followed by application of an LUL approved rust inhibitor and protective topcoats.  Access to the works was very restricted and necessitated our provision of a modular decontamination unit as well as the appropriate extraction and monitoring equipment.

Warminster Bridge

Prepare concrete bridge parapets by HP waterjet and apply a decorative paint system inside Army barracks.

Gas Pipe-Crossings

As part of an ongoing framework agreement, we have undertaken numerous Gas Pipe-Crossings across the Southern, East Anglian and Midlands regions. Works involved abrasive blast cleaning and application of a PA10 Epoxy paint system together with MCL coatings or cold applied laminate tape. To facilitate the works, we obtain all the appropriate easements and permits and secure all required canal and road closures. We provided the scaffold access and shrink wrapped containment and (where required) traffic managements. We also supplied and installed new anti-vandal guards.

Ascot Racecourse

Abrasive blast clean all site connections and application of a protective coating system followed by a complete HP waterjet and application of cosmetic coatings to new feature steelwork façade columns and beams.

British Museum Great Court roof

Preparation and application of protective coatings to the Norman Foster Designed Great Court Roof steelwork including a decorative metallic finish

Central London Gas-Pits

Works to a series of Gas Pits located under the highway in Central London, involving abrasive blast cleaning and hand mechanical preparation and application of a PA10 epoxy pain system together with MCL coatings.  The project involved confined space working with the attendant controls as well as provision of traffic management.

Quex Park Bell Tower

Abrasive blast cleaning and protective coasting to a more than 100 year old decorative bell tower.

St. Pauls Cathedral Wren Railings

Abrasive blast cleaning at our clients yard of the original Sir Christopher Wren railings to remove old lead based coatings followed by on-site application of a decorative paint system.

Emirates Stadium Bridges

Abrasive blast cleaning and protective coating of site connections followed by a complete cosmetic coat to NR specifications to two number bridges.

G.L.A. Building Staircase

Preparation of site connections and application of protective and decorative coatings to the Greater London Authority building’s feature staircase.

Brentford Bridge

Re-painting of Brentford’s High Street bridge with highly decorative muti-colour finish.

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