Westminster Station

Abrasive blast clean and apply an anti-graffiti sealer coat to the concrete surfaces on the Jubilee Line Extension at Westminster LUL Station.

Latimer Road Station

Hand mechanically remove existing lead-based coatings from bridge lattice steelwork and apply a NR M24 paint system.  Prepare and redecorate Latimer Road LUL Station with a LUL approved decorative system.

Southampton Central Bridge

Abrasive blast cleaning to existing lead-based coatings and application of NR M21 & M34 paint systems to a large road over rail bridge in Southampton including provision of all required extraction, recovery, decontamination and monitoring equipment.

Kingston Rail Bridge

Abrasive blast cleaning and application of a NR M21 paint system to a five span bridge crossing the Thames in a highly residential area.  Track side surfaces received a modified M34 system during blockades. The existing coatings contained lead up to 15% by volume in some areas and we provided the appropriate extraction, recovery, decontamination and monitoring equipment to undertake the works.

Tottenham Court Station

Hand mechanically remove existing lead based coatings and prepare stairwell ring-shafts deep within Tottenham Court LUL Station, followed by application of an LUL approved rust inhibitor and protective topcoats.  Access to the works was very restricted and necessitated our provision of a modular decontamination unit as well as the appropriate extraction and monitoring equipment.

Emirates Stadium Bridges

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